About Us
*ctoafn* (Couldn't Think Of A F%#king Name) has been a successful Melbourne DJ for 12 years. First love is Drum n Bass and offshoots of other Bass Music such as Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Breaks etc
Over the last 18 months, he noted a distinct lack of ways to represents and express his passion and lifestyle - drum n bass - so started experimenting with designing and printing tees.Now its time to launch this to the crew worldwide to give our extended family ways to identify and express their lifestyle with Drum N Bass orientated clothing, tees, singlets/tank etc.
With the help of Skirmish with our designs, we'll initially be launching 4 designs in Men's & Woman's T Shirts & Singlets/Tanks.
All tees will come with unlimited access to the ctoafn soundcloud page with 30-40 hour of free quality mixtapes. 
As this is a new project, we welcome designs suggestions to hit us up if you feel like you have a design you'd like to see. 
If successful we'll go larger with our designs, selection etc so please help spread the love if you enjoy our designs.
Bit of background on ctoafn. He was the man behind Collateral Damage and Therapy Sessions Melbourne representing the darkside of drum n bass and has toured/supported an insane amount of acts including Dylan, Limewax, Current Value, Audio, Robyn Chaos, The Sect, Raiden, The Panacea, Dom & Roland, SPL and more. He also promoted and supported the "original and infamous" Spor & Ewun show @ The Palace, Evol Intent, John B, Apex (Unknown Error) and Telemetrik to name a few.
He's been a resident for one of the top bass crews in Melbourne 'Twisted Audio' for 5 years which in the process been given the responsibility to warm up or close for some pretty big acts like Datsik, 16 Bit, SPL, Funtcase, Gemini, Audio/Pixel Fist, Phaeleh, Dieselboy, State Of Mind, Evol Intent, Mefjus, Stickybuds, Emperor, Inside Info, Cooh/Balkansky, Xilent and the mighty Black Sun Empire. Even got to do a NYE mix for Triple J !